Spotting Tracking Apps

• in categories: advice • by: Michelle Balestrat

Spyware is concerning enough on your laptop or desktop computer, but with GPS capabilities, a wealth of personal information and private messages, it’s an even more terrifying prospect on your mobile device.

(Image) A compass on a white background.

Tracking apps have consistently made headlines in recent years, used by everyone from disgruntled spouses and concerned parents to law enforcement.

However, they can also come packaged with otherwise-desirable apps found on the Google Play and other app stores.

Would you know if you were being tracked? Read on to find out.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Security?

• in categories: advice • by: Michelle Balestrat

No matter how great our defences become, it seems that hackers are always a step ahead. However, with new developments in Artificial Intelligence, could security breaches become a thing of the past?

(Image) A toy robot greets a toy chimp in front of a white background.

Far beyond the simple-to-detect DDOS, new attack technologies now used against websites can be very difficult to differentiate from normal user activity.

Suspicious usage patterns are becoming ever more stealthy, leaving cybersecurity experts worried that we may be nearing the limits of human ability to predict and uncover attacks before they strike.

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How to Secure Your Gaming PC

• in categories: advice • by: Michelle Balestrat

You’ve splashed out on a gaming powerhouse, capable of rendering the latest titles in Ultra. You’ve also got hundreds – even thousands – of dollars and hours invested in your Steam or Origin account.

(Image) A gaming motherboard lit up in blue light.

Sound like you? Congratulations, you’re one of the most sought-after targets for hackers. Online gaming accounts now hold a wealth of personal information, including credit card details and other identifying information.

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Data Breach Notification Laws: Helping Those Most At Risk?

• in categories: advice, news • by: Michael McKinnon (Guest Blogger, CISSP, Sense of Security)

Having private data leaked publicly is annoying when all you need do is change a password, but for some it can be far more serious.

(Image) The pillars of a courthouse.

With Australia, the latest country to add Data Breach Notification laws, we look at the effectiveness of such measures for people at risk of serious harm.

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Tech Support: Your New Best Friend

• in categories: advice • by: Michelle Balestrat

Whether you’re a home user, small business owner, or even working for a company with its very own IT support department, we all need a little help sometimes.

(Image) A cartoon line-drawing of a tech support worker on the phone with a customer. Text reads: Well, it pops out of the box when I push the button.

Knowing how to get on the good side of IT support is a critical skill that can bring many happy returns, and allow you to smoothly recover from technical issues large and small.

Here are our top tips for fostering a good relationship with any IT support staff you might need to reach out to.

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