22,505 German Email/Password Combinations Leaked

• in categories: breaches • by: Luke Moulton

Yesterday we were made aware of two database breaches containing email and password combinations for predominantly German-based email accounts. One database was 11,235 records, the other 11,270 giving 22,505 breached records.

22,505 German Email/Passwords Leaked
It’s a bad day to have an email account hosted in Germany.

From these two databases, released by two different hacker sources, we found 9,870 email/password record pairs that were new to the BreachAlarm database. Email addresses from Web.de, GMX.de and t-online.de accounted for 43% of the records found, which is understandable as these are some of the largest German email account providers.

As always, we encourage you to check your email address to see if it was included in one of these breaches.

For more details on recent breaches, visit our sources page.

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