3 Ways to Fight Nuisance Calls

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Nuisance calls: most of us have had to deal with them. They might be asking us to complete surveys, serving us cold-calling advertising for products we don’t want, or even pretending to be something they’re not.

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Besides being a pure annoyance, they can also pose a tangible risk to your security, with the possibility of voice-recording scams confirmed by security experts.

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Note the origins of the calls.

If the number of the nuisance caller isn’t private, make a note of it by checking through your recent call log.

If you’re not sure whether a number is legitimate, you can try Googling the number to see what other users have said. If you’re getting many calls from this number per day, that’s also a big red flag that you’re dealing with automated “robocalls” from a telemarketer.

Many governments and non-profits now have ‘Do Not Call’ registers, allowing for free signup online. The FCC in the US, TPS in the UK, and the National Do Not Call Register in Australia are just some examples.

Block the calls using built-in methods.

Android and iOS devices provide built-in number blocking functionality, which you can use to take more immediate action against unwanted callers.

For iOS, it’s a simple matter of looking through your recent caller list and selecting which number you’d like to block (visit Apple Support for the full guide).

Depending on which Android device you’re using, you can access this feature in various ways. Most users will be able to use the Phone app’s recent calls menu, described here.

However, if you’re having trouble finding these settings, don’t fret because…

There’s an app for that!

Android and iOS both play host to great apps for blocking and detecting scam calls and SMS messages.

These apps can offer extra security beyond the standard blocking feature your phone provides, by checking incoming numbers against a database of reported scam numbers. They can also deal with the problem of blocked or private callers IDs that scammers and telemarketers will often use.

Great options with Android and iOS support include Mr. Number, Whoscall, Hiya, and many others. Remember to choose carefully, and read the reviews before you make your selection!

Check out these resources for top-rated options on both platforms: Call Blockers for Android Call Blockers for iOS

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